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MELONVINE is a Moncton based 3 piece alternative hard rock band with roots in grunge and punk rock. Their music is all about massive guitar tones, dense rhythm sections and an aggressive edge that leaves room for catchy melodies. 

Formed in late 2016, the band has been through numerous lineup changes but has always stayed true to their sound. In mid 2017, MELONVINE self-released an EP that has received spins/feature spins on Campus and Commercial radio. 

The band continues building audiences with consistent material while performing in the Maritimes and Nova Scotia regions. MELONVINE has an album release tour scheduled for the Summer of 2018.

The new single, “Summer Says” digs out a passion of tones with high Foo Fighters and Green Day influences that flirts with energetic rock feels. The band settled to blend elements of punk rock that transcends into a grungy vibe. The song was produced by Adam Dincorn from Undertone which gave it a heavy driven sound that the band was looking for.  MELONVINE is set to release their full EP in Spring 2018.


Derek Thibeault: Guitar/Lead Vocals
Taylor Pennell: Drums
Nick Ryan: Bass/Vocals